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On the Hill, Oct 26, 2023

Report: Thursday, October 26th, First shift was Tom J, Bill N, Ed A, Dave M, and security guard Chris J. It wasn't raining yet but business was slow at Planned Parenthood. They only gave out a few My Guides and bags. Second shift was Pat T, Mike V and Yolanda G. The first shift stayed as we honored our own Mike Velasco and gave him his award from Porter County Right to Life. He was sick and couldn't make it to the banquet. Thank you Mike for all you do!

Second shift was slow; it started raining when we were almost finished. I had one gentleman that was walking down the street with a walker. He was coming from the hospital and I believe he was heading for the bus stop. I asked if he would like our free help. He told me he was too old to get pregnant. lol I explained that the My Guide is helpful for everyone. He took it and was surprised to see the 5 dollar bill. He asked if it was real. Then he was very appreciative and said what a blessing that was so I gave him another one. I hope he made it to his destination before the rain started.

A young lady stopped in her van and asked about the free help. I asked if she was pregnant, she said yes. I told her that the Women's Care Center does free pregnancy tests and ultrasounds. As I approached her I realized that she didn't need either of those services as she was at least 8 months pregnant. I told her to go to the Pregnancy Resource Centers and they can help with clothes and diapers and such. She was happy to get our information. It was slow and rainy for the third shift. It was Mike F joined by Karen S, and Joe O. They only gave out one bag and a few My Guides. Thank you to all our warriors, Even on the slow rainy days we are still helping people. God bless you, Pat Tuttle

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