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Report from “The Hill”

Three stories about Six (6) Babies - Each event on October 13, 2021. Story #1 - Three Women - Mother, Daughter & Daughter’s Friend - All Pregnant The mother walked out of the PP Clinic and then approached us clearly wanting to chat. She stated “I cannot get an abortion, I can’t. And my daughter is in there waiting to get info about an abortion because she is pregnant too.” The mother proceeded to say she was 40 years old with two grown children, which is why she had considered an abortion. We talked for 20 minutes with the mother and we reaffirmed her decision not to get an abortion. We gave her three pink bags, for herself, her daughter and her daughter’s friend, highlighting where each of them can get a free ultrasound and dozens of other services listed in the My Guide booklet. Roughly 45 minutes later all three women got into their car to leave, but before they left all of them looked our way, gave us a generous wave goodbye with big happy smiles on their faces. We believe all three babies were saved that day because their smiles said it all. Story #2 - Twice as Important. A woman approached us slowly with a hesitant step. We noticed she was debating with herself if she should talk to us - or not. Fortunately, she found the courage to ask a question, albeit very quietly, almost at a whisper. We learned she was pregnant with twins, had no husband, no family nearby and scared. In the 15-20 minutes that followed we had a wonderful chat with her about pages worth of resources readily available to her here in “the region” and the fact that God loves her, and that He would help her during her pregnancy and forevermore. We asked her not to get an abortion and to carry the twins full-term, and if necessary offer them up for adoption. As she walked away she said “OK, I’ll not get an abortion.” Story #3 - Teenager too Scared to Talk. As three women left the PP Clinic they did not get into their car to leave. Rather, they walked across the parking lot to where we were stationed and we pleasantly engaged them to chat with us. Two of the women were in their 30’s but a teenage girl was standing between them. Ultimately, the teenager said nothing to us, not one word. BUT, she was clearly listening intently as the conversation occurred. The older women initially asked if we had any information to give to them, and we did so , of course. We discussed the info contained within the pink bag and politely asked the teenager if she was pregnant. No response from any of them was heard. We asked if they “happened to know anyone” who might be pregnant. A “yes” response this time. One of the older women asked about some new law in Texas. We replied “the Texas Heartbeat Law.” “Yeah, that’s it” she replied. We explained at +\- six weeks the new baby has a heartbeat of his or her own. And at 12 weeks the baby has developed limbs and the child’s organs are developing too. Showing them a rubberized model of a child at 10-12 weeks old clearly got the teenager’s attention; at which time we realized the teenager’s mother was probably the woman standing beside her. We focused our further comments directly at the teenage girl. So we asked that they all abandon any thoughts of getting an abortion; and I asked them to “fast forward” with me in time. While looking the teenager directly into her eyes I asked her to think about a future day when not only can you hold your baby in your arms, but your mother can as well. And I went on to say “that by allowing your baby to be born, to grow and to mature over time, some day you could become a grandmother; the same as your mother will become a grandmother someday 7-8 months from now. Wow, think about that.” The teenage girl appeared to soak up our comments like a sponge. Minutes later the three women left, with smiles on their faces, and a hint of relief in their eyes too. So we believe we convinced them to avoid any further thoughts about abortion.

The sun was shining warmly upon all of us. It was indeed a wonderful day.

From: Respect LifeMinistry Updates <>

Date: Wed, Oct 27, 2021 at 3:06 PM

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